The Weekend

They came, they saw, they shoveled.

The church group never did show up, but word of mouth, and my little letter have done wonders to get rid of the gravel. People have come in droves to take it away. Little by little, pickup load, by pickup load it's going.

I am so anxious to see this crap gone I can't stand it. I want to attack every pickup I see slow down in front of our house. Every time someone comes for a load I go get in their face, "So your coming back tonight right?" I am pathetic.

It's going to be a long week. All I want is grass. The dust around here is unreal. My dogs are covered in dirt, my keyboard is gritty. It just isn't right.

By Sunday we finally had exactly half of the yard emptied and cleared. The have been begging DJ to get their trampoline up, but after days of shoveling gravel he was just too tired to do it. MJ decided that she had helped do it enough that she was pretty sure she could manage on her own. She almost had her task completed when apparently one of the springs slammed back on her and jerked her shoulder.

We opted for ice and 24 hours on ibuprofen before going to the doctor since apparently she could use it, it just hurt.

Monday brought no improvement so we rallied up and went to the walk in clinic.

I got into a minor disagreement with the nurse, who when it was time to take MJ into the exam room, wanted me to leave Sam unattended in the waiting room. Supposedly they have a policy of two to an exam room. Um no. First of all, you have one guy in the waiting room here for an HIV test who talks way too loud and is just way too creepy, then there is another one there for a drug test that I know for a fact has been on probation. Then this woman who kept getting up and asking how long the wait was, how long things were going to take, was the doctor there, it was too creepy. I have no idea how long this is going to take, and I just don't leave my in public places unattended! When we were taking our conversation through it's second round of "Yes you are" vs "No I am not" I told that they needed to state the policy of 2 to an exam room (and he is a kid, shouldn't 2 count for one adult?) in writing at their check in desk so parents who object have the option of going elsewhere. If she had that much of an issue with it we would go elsewhere, but I wasn't leaving my 10 year old in a room full of strangers. Period.

The nurse decided it was worth fighting so we were allowed to saw the doctor. Very nice guy. Good news and bad news. MaryJayne narrowly escaped tearing her rotator cuff. She did severely sprain her shoulder. She is in a sling, and will be the rest of the week. After the week is over she will need to start physcial therapy to get her shoulder range of motion returned.

DJ, of course, now feels all guilty that he didn't just do the trampoline himself. Sam is having to be my back and MJ's right arm. We are running at half mast.