It's Like Our Own Personal Leavenworth

However. We are still down about 8 truckloads of gravel today thank's to my email. We had many people scrambling to pick some up before the church got here so it is looking a little depleted. Probably 1/4 to 1/3 gone! There are spots in the back where you can see the plastic covering and we peeled that back to the soil underneath. We were given a rototiller a couple years ago when some friends were moving to Alaska and it looks like we will be putting it to use tilling the soil and then smoothing it over before hydroseeding.

Though I hate it, we are saving some of the flat rocks to border the flower beds with, BUT I WILL NOT PUT GRAVEL IN THEM!

Stacey came today and we took pictures, (I will have them to you soon Christy!) of the beagles with her nice digital camera. What a freaking disaster wresting all those beagles! Of course we had to take them to the school yard nearby because we don't have grass. At one point MJ and I thought it would be bright to let Sunday off her leash so she could explore since she would stay right by us. Well of course someone walked by us walking their BIG DOG. WHOOSH! I forget how fast those beagles can run!

My keyboard is making crunching noises. I think it's time to clean it out. It's bothering my teeth.

I love it when Stacey comes. I know that I can talk funny to my dogs and she will talk just the same to them and I know she won't go home and tell her husband how weird I am. Such is the life of a true pet lover. Other pet lovers just don't understand when you see a dog and you go nuts. Or when you just love someone elses. Then there are breed specific pet lovers like me. I like other dogs. But beagles are guaranteed a fuss in my presence. I just adore them. They are the PERFECT dog. The brown eyes, the droopy ears. They are exquisite. I love beagles, and I love having beagle friends!

Even better is converting other friends into beagle people. Take Deena for example. They had never had dogs before. So what do I do? Send up two puppies! Don't everyone rush to thank me! But I have to tell you, every time I am on the phone and I hear Deena sing song to her beagles, "Hear Moosey-Moose and Hello Bentley-Boo" I just love it! LOVE IT

Damn my back and leg hurt. *Note to self. READ YOUR OWN LIST OF WHAT NOT TO DO. See where it says "No jerking exercise, like walking a dog." that means don't walk your dog. Especially the two strongest ones coupled together. Stupid, stupid, Robin.

I am still disturbed at the images that Michele was so kind to share in the comments of her results to the Google Meme under my name. I rather liked the toilet flusher. But the other thing. I just keep going and looking at it. What the heck is that?

This afternoon I was running out to get some errands done and asked DJ if there was anything he needed from town. He was all sweaty and beat up from a morning of gravel fun so I was feeling sorry for him. He said he wanted a Mountain Dew on my way home. Well I thought I would treat him and go get him a big mug of soda while he let his back relax from the morning work, the had been assigned the job of finding the flat smooth rocks, so they were in their own little hell, so I thought I would get them each a soda before I ran off to get errands done. So off I go to the gas station, and I fill up a soda for DJ, for the and one for myself. I get to the counter and find out I have 50 fricking cents. Now during my midnight run to Stuff Mart last night I had $7 in bills and the a couple $$ in change from my purse. So I should have had $7 when I left this morning. When I whent to pay for th soda I had 50 cnets.

No worries! I told the store clerk. I always keep a couple dollars worth of quarters in the console of the car. No go. Completely stripped. I didn't even know he KNEW about the money in the console! Wiped clean. I called DJ in a fuming rage. After I asked him what happened the my money he says, "You mean you don't check your purse before you leave?" No! There was $7 + in it last night at 1 a.m. and now it is gone and I am a loser for not checking? So I told him, one more time. If you are cleaning me out, and you know you are cleaning me out. Tell me before you let me out the stupid door! Or better yet, while I am brushing my teeth, go put a $20 bill in my purse!