Where The Heck Did The Week Go?

I SWEAR yesterday it was Sunday!

Now all of a sudden it's Friday? Again? Didn't we just do this? And how is it that March is almost said and done with?

These things are a puzzle to me.

I have made some bad choices this week. The first being making cabbage for dinner on Tuesday. Chili on Wednesday and Red Beans and Rice tonight.

There is no way I am sleeping in that bedroom unless a window is opened. And it's cold tonight. And there is no snuggling up to DJ for warmth. He will blow me out of the bed!

I think salads and rice are in order for the rest of the week. No spice, and no fiber!

Rotten week today was total hell. MJ was invited to go the zoo with some friends, but her shoulder had been bothering her so bad on Wednesday that I didn't want her out all day messing around and walking and reaching for stuff and not able to lie down if she was not feeling good, so I didn't let her go. She made sure to make me pay for it all day. Sam cried because he wasn't invited and there is just nothing I can say to him. So he made sure to make me pay. I was damned if I did and damned if I didn't. I HATE being put in that sort of position.

MJ was able to take her sling off this morning and start her physical therapy. When she did her first revolution her shoulder made this terrible crackling crunching sound. Then she turned sort of green. Then she went to lie down. She has to stay on anti-inflammatories until next week!

Monkey has started the stalking of the phone calls. This always drives me crazy because it JUST. WON'T. END. until I am on her doorstep with 2 and perhaps at least one dog. She is lonely out of her gourd and can't stand herself so she is going to stalk us until I get the over there. And I just don't know when they can go! Which means I have to deal with the phone calls!

Sucks to be somedays.

Have a great day. It's 3 a.m. I am off to bed.