Week's Eats

It occured to me at exactly midnight that I have a crew of people coming over here tomorrow to work their butts off doing some back breaking work and I don't a single goodie in the house.

MJ and I piled into the car and ran to Stuff Mart purchasing some cookies, lemonade, fruit punch and plastic cups. I am embarrassed that I don't have anything home-made but I just didn't get time.

Today was follow up time with the neurosurgeon. It wasn't good news but it wasn't bad news. I was not a happy camper to find out that after you have disk surgery you are not supposed to "cough" excessively. Thus things like bronchitis can actually damage your back further. THANKS FOR POINTING THAT OUT AFTER I HAVE HAD TWO SURGERIES!! Really! They need to print a small booklet titled "Now That Your Back Has Gone To Crap. These Are The Things You Need To Avoid." Because had I known that I probably wouldn't have ended up on the metal slab a SECOND TIME! I am going to write my own, I swear! I asked the doctor to make me a short list off the top off of his head today. This is cute:

Don't reach for anything below your knee's

No lifting over 35 pounds

No reaching for anything above your head. (I am 5' 2", this is limiting)

No excessive coughing

No strenuous exercise

No strenuous *cough

But, no laying around either

No excessive sitting

No excessive standing

Never ever bend at the waist again in your life

No "jerking" exercise, like walking a large dog!!!!

Kind of discouraging but I think once you get used to it, it will become a lifestyle. So while I wish I would have known earlier, I am glad to know some of this now.

The drive home from Boise was long but not without it's amusement's. I will have to give the details later I need to go to bed, bla! I am exhausted!