Get Your Butt Out Of My Chair!!

I know, I know, I'm up way too late. I'm dumb like that. Anyway, Dawn has started a meme where she wants to know what you had for supper over the past week. I already did this the other day but then my weblog died (I'm still kicking myself over that) so not many people got to read it. Here's last week's eats:

Sunday - Cheeseburger Rice

Monday - Koshary

Tuesday - Grilled pork chops with rice pilaf and mixed veggies

Wednesday - Spaghetti with meat sauce

Thursday - Southern-style oven fried chicken with pasta carbonara and peas & carrots

Friday - Pizza and salad night at our friends' house

Saturday - Grilled cheeseburgers and fries (I love our grill)

This Sunday - Roast chicken, wedge fries, macaroni salad

So the other day I read about how great WordPress is. I heard that you can password protect certain entries and that it's a good program, blahblahblah. I decided that I wanted to download it and play around with it to see what it's like. In order to install it, I needed a MySQL database.

I checked out my control panel and saw that I actually had a couple that were still free but I saw one that I didn't remember using. I figured it was a leftover from when I tried to switch my weblog to pMachine. So I deleted it.

Uh, no. It turns out that it was actually the database for for my Movable Type installation and I had just deleted it. Obviously nothing worked anymore. The entries were still there, but comments wouldn't work and I couldn't log in anymore of course.

So it's a good thing that I was toying with the idea of using Word Press anyway since I suddenly didn't have a weblog any more.

Sigh. The lesson here is that if you've had a bad night of being up every hour (or more often, even) because your toddler is teething and you're really sleep deprived and you've only had one coffee, you really shouldn't start deleting shit on your server.

Anyway, I'm using a pre-made template for the time being and I like it because it's a simple look, but eventually I want to put my own layout up. It's just that I'm obviously very new to WordPress and don't know all the tags and codes and stuff so I have to read the docs a little more before I attempt that.